The Power Of Three

In Review: Doctor Who The Power of Three TX: 22 September 2012. Infinity begins with the third person. Michel Maffesoli, Le Temps des tribus In the round, I like Chris Chibnall’s stuff. His work suggests a lively and imaginative writer. 42, his debut Doctor Who story, is excellent in my opinion, Countrycide feels like Robert […]

Loving Angels Instead

In review: Doctor Who The Angels Take Manhattan TX: 29 September 2012 Some died. Not them, Brian. Never them – the Doctor, The Power Of Three I wasn’t thinking of anything quite so…long term – Amy, Flesh and Stone SO the big news this week, as covered by the Guardian, was the release of […]

Christmas Countdown

In review: Doctor Who 2012 Christmas Prequels Ah, the Doctor Who Christmas Special, instant tradition invented in 2005 with The brilliant Christmas Invasion, followed each year with variations on traditional Christmas film styles: a midwinter’s journey, from screw-ball comedy via blockbuster disaster and mock epic, to the current mode of romantic and literate sf-fantasy with […]

Well, when I sat down to watch the Doctor Who Christmas Special today, I certainly looked forward to an intriguing hour. After the event I’m just sitting here with the remains of Xmas dinner thinking that of all possibilities, the last thing I expected to be watching was the secret origin of the Great Intelligence.

The Ambassadors of Death

Here’s Gary Gillatt’s review of the curious Jon Pertwee Doctor Who story The Ambassadors of Death, newly restored on DVD. Great review which immediately impressed me by telling me something I didn’t know I knew about Season Seven. Confined to Earth, each seven-parter has the Doctor explore ” all three dimensions still available to him.” […]

Prequel Smequel.

It may not be unusual in a Doctor Who drama for the audience to be shown reveals before the Doctor.  It does strike me as unusual in some of Moffat’s Who when the audience finds out things the characters will never know. The final shot of ‘The Girl in the Fireplace’ reveals a crucial piece […]

Dennis Potter/Doctor Who

So the story goes, as was revealed some years ago now, that Dennis Potter, a television script-writer with a staggering reputation, once submitted a script, storyline, or at least an idea to Doctor Who during the early years of the show. It makes sense. Potter had flirted with writing for TV in the years immediately […]

Extracts from the Rough Guide to the Sirius system, 5th static, 08/08/2444

Embarkation on Sirius One is a rough and tumble affair. This venerable spaceport has retained its grimy, industrious atmosphere and the weary traveller is likely to get jostled and disoriented. Keep your nerve however and you will soon work out what’s going on. It’s a small planet with a lot of traffic passing through. Accommodation […]

Philip Martin

The writer Philip Martin has died. Probably best known for the 1970s TV play and later series ‘Gangsters’, which was set and filmed in Birmingham, ‘Gangsters’ stands up today partly as social commentary and partly as an exemplar of non-realist TV drama somewhere between Patrick McGoohan and Dennis Potter. He subsequently wrote two rather idiosyncratic, […]

Old Wine in New Skins

Thoughts on re-presentations of vintage Doctor Who In the run-up to Doctor Who’s sixtieth anniversary last month, two announcements in particular took this fan somewhat by surprise. Firstly, accompanying the release of the bulk of 20th century episodes onto the UK’s publicly-funded streaming service BBC iPlayer, came a brand new spin-off series exclusive to that […]