Dennis Potter/Doctor Who

So the story goes, as was revealed some years ago now, that Dennis Potter, a television script-writer with a staggering reputation, once submitted a script, storyline, or at least an idea to Doctor Who during the early years of the show. It makes sense. Potter had flirted with writing for TV in the years immediately […]

the tedious hierarchies of the printed word Dennis Potter, from the James McTaggart Memorial Lecture 1993

XOM and the question of music, part 3

In Review: XOM’s classic Rockyoke Part Three: Another Overload The Boar’s Head, Kidderminster, 23 March 2019 Kidderminster, described by Pevsner, the art and architecture historian, as “uncommonly devoid of visual pleasure and architectural interest”, can claim some musical heritage as part of the Midlands scene. Robert Plant played some of his early gigs here, while […]