Remote Control?

Many of us, in the current conditions, will be home working if not for the first time, then more often than usual. Automattic, the company that owns, WooCommerce and Tumblr, has distinguished itself by hiring many remote workers – indeed, much of its workforce is globally distributed. Not one to let this wealth of […]

Covid-19 in the UK

One week into the UK’s so-called ‘lockdown’, and I thought it would be good to look at the UK response to the virus, and round up some political and social developments within this benighted territory over the past few weeks. Coming so soon after last year’s late general election, which confirmed the Johnson administration in […]

Have you considered the double-speak around the term ‘social distancing’? No one is any more or less ‘socially distanced’ per se. If anything we seem to be more socially intimate. We still live in a society. Physical distancing is what it is, why don’t we call it that?